Wrap Up a Boy’s Baptism Gift with Sweet Style

Wrap Up a Boy’s Baptism Gift with Sweet StyleOkay, now you have your baptism gift for that baby boy, but here comes the hard part. Wrapping it.

Oh sure, you can slap some paper on it and attach a ribbon, but that's same-old, same old. But if you want to add a little more to the presentation, then you have to take a look at this video. It is so sweet... and I do mean sweet.

And here's the sweater thing about this idea... you can this idea for just about anyone (boy, girl, child, adult) and any occasion. Just change of the flavors of the candy, the gift box, and the colors. And charms. Let your imagination run wild.

Have I intrigued you enough? Okay, then let's watch the video.

Supplies Needed

Blue Raspberry Taffy Candy
Small Mesh Treat Bags
Ribbon, light blue and/or white
Cross-shapped charms
Taper candles
Tulle ribbon/fabric
Pre-curled ribbon
(Oh, and don't forget the "real" gift)

Step by Step Instructions

1. Add a few pieces of candy to the small bags and close and with the blue ribbon. Glue (hot glue works well) one of the cross charms to the ribbon. Set aside.

2. Cut a piece of tulle ribbon about a foot long. Fold the tulle in half, long side and wrap and bunch it around the bases of two long, taper candles. Close and tie with ribbon, but before you make a bow, thread one of the crosses onto the ribbon. Then finish with a blow.

3. Find a box that will fit the gift you will be giving. I like simple photo storage boxes. White works well for everything, but a little color or design can be fun, too.

4. Fill the box with some of the tulles. Spread the candy bags around the bottom and sides. Nestle in the "real" gift between the candy bags. Add the candles (reposition the tulle and candy bags to hold then up. You can also use the box top to help hold them up).

5. Wrap the entire box with more tulle and tie at the top with ribbon. Trim off any excess if needed.

There you have it... a baptism gift wrapped in sweet style!

As gift wrapping goes, this is pretty easy. And it's so different, certainly not the same-old, same-old. And while it works perfectly for a this boy's baptism gift, it' can be changed up for just about any occassion or age group.

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