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Hello, I’m Kate and I’m so delighted you’ve chosen visit Baptism Gift Online. Baptism is a very special time in people’s lives. For those who want to share in that moment, it can sometimes be frustrating to find the perfect gift idea. I hope I can help you with that.

I don’t know about you, but the first time I gave a baptism gift, I had no idea about baptism gift etiquette. Now, years later, after being a mom, grandmom and Godmother, I’ve learned a thing or two.

That’s probably the case with most people, but after a lot of trial and error you finally figure out what it is and what it isn’t. It’s not a baby shower or a welcome new baby moment. The gifts given for a baptism are generally meant to honor the moment and not add to baby’s trousseau.

Here’s another thing I learned… knowledge doesn’t have to come after a lot of trial and error. I like to go to the source. So for me, that was my new neighbor, Barbara. She just happens to be a  pastor’s wife and has been part of more baptisms than any of us. I asked for her take on gift gifting during this special time and she was kind enough to share her thoughts on the etiquette of gift gifting and baptism.

From Barbara:

Currently, there are many different Christian denominations in existence and all address the importance of baptism and christenings, despite the fact that they each differ on their separate teachings regarding the purpose. Some believe that baptism allows the sins of a person to be washed away and allow them a clean slate. Others attest that baptism is the only true ritual that can expel evil spirits from the attack on a person’s soul. There are even those that believe that a person cannot receive the blessings of the Holy Ghost without first being baptized.

Despite the different reasons for baptism, most parents with a desire to raise their children in a religious environment opt to have their children participate in this ceremony. Some churches allow children as young as newborns to be baptized and receive the blessings associated, while others require children to wait until they are deemed old enough to make their own decisions and therefore choose for themselves to be baptized.

During the baptism ceremony, it is traditional, in some religions, for the baby or child to be dressed in all white as this represents “putting on the Christ.” For those families that do not already possess an heirloom baptism gown, most churches will provide a standard robe or stole that the family can keep afterwards. This article of clothing can be embroidered with the baby’s name and the date of the ceremony and then placed in a shadow box to be made into a decorative keepsake. In addition to this article of clothing, many gift-givers have found it to be creative to have a blessing blanket embroidered with the child’s name and ceremony date in blue or pink thread to match the baby’s gender.

Generally, each baptism day is important to the family and friends involved and most gifts should be personalized to reflect that same importance. Charm bracelets can be gifted to a young or baby girl so that she can wear the details of her baptism. For boys, where jewelry isn’t as suitable, a silver frame with engraved scriptures or quotes make a special gift.

There are those invited guests that are not as close to the baptismal event as family members and other friends but would still like to give a gift. For any occasion, baptisms and christenings included, gift cards are the great and simple route to go. They can be purchased in almost any value or from most stores/locations and allow the parents to choose the gift for their child themselves.

Those are a lot of great ideas and many I address right here on Baptism Gifts Online. Each day I’m adding more and more gifts, that are not only adorable but are a suitable way to remember this special day. And if you can’t find the right gift, as Barbara says, there’s always a gift card. One of my favorite gift cards to give comes from Amazon. With its millions of products, there’s always something a young family can find to personalize and treasure the moment even more.

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