Piggy Bank Gift for Baptism

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Piggy Bank Gift for Baptism


Baptism Gift from Amazon

Money is often a go-to gift idea and I think this piggy bank makes a unique gift for baptism. It’s from Precious Moments, who create a number of sweet figurine that are just right for baptism and christenings. It’s full of sweet details: a cute sneaker shape, baby figure on the side, hearts and lots of textured details. The best detail of all, of course, is the “Bless This Child” wording near the toes. The bank above is for a boy, with a handsome little guy on the side and blue laces, but there’s also a for girls version with a cutie and pink laces, too.


You could fill up the bank with coins or dollar bills. Godparents might want to fold up a saving bond and tuck it inside. There are lots of possibilities for this cute little baptism gift. Buyers have already given it 5-stars as an enchanting ideas, and not just as a gift for baptism. It makes a great shower or new baby gift, too.

It could also be a wonderful way to teach a child about saving. Not just for a rainy day, but a way to encourage children to save for church tithing or charity. And since we’re talking about saving, the price on this sweet piggy bank gift for baptism is just right, too.


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